Boosting Endorphins using Phrases of Power

Updated: Nov 2

Endorphins are neurotransmitters made by the pituitary gland and central nervous system that activate the opioid receptors in the brain causing sensations of discomfort to subside. Endorphins also create a feeling of pleasure and well-being partially due to the dopamine production while the endorphins are active. Seems pretty important, right? Many widely abused street drugs today are attempting to mimic endorphins, trying to control the pain receptors in the brain in order to change your perspective of pain and induce euphoria. Fortunately for us you don’t need a crack pipe or a joint to achieve this sensation. Endorphins can be deliberately created by you using a variety of methods including eating chocolate, sex, laughter, and meditation. There is also another way to raise endorphin levels instantly, safely, and effectively! Words of power. Words of power are words with a feeling or psychological sensation attached to them. For example, luxurious. The moment the word luxurious is used in a sentence your brain instantly creates the feeling you have associated with this word based upon personal experience.

What we’ve done at Vishuddi’s is create Phrases of Power specifically intended on increasing endorphin levels in the brain. And we put it on a t-shirt! What better way to remind yourself and everyone else of your Phrase of Power than to carry it with you all day? We created Phrases of Power for t-shirts targeted these phrases towards common mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. The year 2020 changed every single person. Many of us have at some point in the year felt worried, defeated, helpless, and hopeless. For many that reality still holds true to this day. Vishuddi’s Mental Health Campaign has been created to shift the perspective off of the past and into a harmonious future. Without this change in perspective we are bound to create from a perspective of pain and inevitably repeat the mistakes of the past. The entire campaign will feature merchandise and educational media aimed at a hope to rebuild with a spiritual understanding of who we are as individuals and who are as the collective. I need you whole; healed and healthy.

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