Vishuddha Muwanga

The Fire Child

Once upon a time there was an angel in my life who gave one of the best descriptions of V that I've ever seen. I'd like to share this with you, if you don't mind, "There are not many lives that I have come in my journey that have a spark, love and personal dedication towards what they're passionate about that it is ever raising the bar for me in my life. I can't speak to you without smiling. You've acknowledged how I've impacted you but the experience is beyond mutual. I thank you sincerely for the unconditional love amongst a plethora of other things you've gifted me selflessly. I'm extremely proud of you for fearlessly kicking down all of the doors that have stood between you and your universal purpose. I haven't know you for long but the impact you've made will survive lifetimes."

Mission Statement

Raising the vibration of the collective by creating the culture I want to be a part by way of cultural organizing, shared work spaces, and a metaphysical store with a variety of self-care services. 


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